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Dish of the day : Call and find out more
The hotel's Burgers or Tapas

Monday 17/6
Roast ham with chilli/vanilla Today's greens - Potatoes - Cloud sauce
158 DKK

Tuesday 18/6
Braised shank lump Oven-baked root vegetables - Roasted potatoes - Butter sauce
158 DKK                                                                             

Wednesday 19/6
Roast pork with parsley sauce Boiled potatoes - Beetroot
158 DKK

Thursday 20 / 6
Stuffed leeks Grilled roots - White leek sauce - Roasted potatoes
158 DKK

Friday 21 / 6
Roast veal  Waldorf Salad - Cranberries - Go' Sauce - Boiled Potatoes
158 DKK

The hotel's burger w/ steak and pulled pork, bacon, salsa, coarse fries and garlic mayo 

Crispy Chicken Burger w/ orange-pickled red onions, tomato. fresh salad, BBQ mayo and coarse fries

Vegetarian Burger (chef's choice)


Monday - Friday
To be ordered no later than 16

Collected between 17.00 and 18.30


Tapas Take Away à la Hotel Thisted

Easy and delicious...
We recommend our Tapas!

10 - 12 different appetizers, including one warm dish - the chef's choice
incl. bread and butter
Per envelope DKK 189 

Tuesday - Saturday

Note: Tapas must be ordered the day before.

Pick up between 12 and at 18.30