Here you will find menu inspiration for your next party

And if you don't find the dish you want, we will definitely manage it anyway. 
Contact us without obligation to make an agreement with the chef, about putting together a suitable menu for your next event.

Menu inspiration for a party at the hotel 

Chicken soup Carmen, w/ boiled rice, julienne of pigment DKK 92.
Creamy curry soup with chicken and herbs DKK 92.
Fish soup w/ 2 types of fish 110 DKK
Pastrami on salad DKK 95.
Young male roulade w/ olives and sun-dried tomatoes DKK 88.
Lobster Bisque w/ Whitefish
Warm sea bag w/ urtebeurreblanc and "celery snow" DKK 148.
The house's fish plate w/ three kinds of fish, prawns and creme fraiche dressing DKK 145.
Tapas à la Hotel Thisted 168 DKK

Main courses
Crown of lamb with compote, fresh vegetables and salad, lamb shank DKK 245.
Grilled veal fillet w/ sauteed mushrooms, fresh vegetables, butter sauteed potatoes, spicy sauce DKK 188.
Roasted veal tenderloin w/ vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, cream gratin potatoes, tomato and thyme cloud DKK 218.

Crustacea fillet w/ bird's nest with scallion tzatziki and demi glaze DKK 248.
Beef tenderloin Wellington w/ puff pastry, pom risolles and maderia sauce DKK 288.

Chocolate shell with fresh fruit salad and raw cream 98 DKK
Crisp nut basket with three types of ice cream and fresh fruit 115 DKK
The hotel's ice cream cake with berry coulis, fruit and swirls 98 DKK
Dessert plate with cake, mousse and ice cream 128 DKK
Dessert buffet with cake, mousse, ice cream and fruit 150 DKK
Chocolate cake with berries and sour sorbet 115

For the coffee
Coffee/tea  32 DKK
Homemade cookies  28 kr.
Kringles  28 kr.
Birthday cake  36 DKK
Wreath cake in bars  38 kr.
Petit Fours (2 pcs.)  42 DKK

Late night snack
Croissant different filling DKK 86
Cold cuts board with 4 types of cold meats and liver pâté, home-baked rye bread and butter and fat DKK 148.
Soup - free choice  88 DKK
Tartlets with chicken  92 DKK
3 types of sliders DKK 99.
Take your own coffee DKK 18.

Minimum 15 envelopes 

PDF for printing

Party at the hotel / restaurant


 Clear soup with meat and flour balls. 
 Prawn cocktail with asparagus and lemon, served with warm flutes 
Cold-smoked salmon with herb cream, seasoned greens
Tartelets with chicken and asparagus
Cod dish with eggs & prawns, served with a warm flute

Main courses

Flaeskesteg w/ Prunes, red cabbage, chips, sour, browned and white potatoes

Roast veal roasted like venison  m/ roasted nuts and grapes, birds' nests filled with Waldorff, lingonberry jam, some kind of vegetable. frying sauce

Old-fashioned roast beef  w/ glazed onions and mushrooms, carrots and frozen horseradish, white potatoes and cloud sauce.

Chicken saute Merengo w/ jams, rhubarb compote

Baked beef tenderloin, pom risolles, cognac cloud, greens, mushrooms (+ DKK 99)


A Surprice
Nut basket w/ 2 types of ice cream
Banana split
Pear Belle Helene

Minimum 15 envelopes 

PDF for printing