WHEN LIFE ENDS and family, friends and other loved ones gather to remember, we offer here at the Hotel Thisted and Restaurant Konrad the setting for a calm end to a perhaps heavy day.

Coffee/Tea with layer cake and home-baked cookies DKK 178.
+ pretzel DKK 28

Coffee/Tea with 2 x ½ buns with cold cuts/cheese and pretzel DKK 198.
+ extra ½ bun with toppings per PCS. DKK 30
+ layer cake DKK 36
+ Cookies DKK 28

Coffee/Tea with 2 pcs. unspecified smørrebrød DKK 198
+ extra sandwich per PCS. DKK 52
+ Pretzel DKK 28
+ layer cake DKK 36
+ Cookies DKK 28

Soft drinks and beer are often also requested on the tables, the price of this is in addition to the above envelope prices.

If you have other wishes, please ask and we will find a solution
Phone: 97925200

The above options are offered exclusively for memorial gatherings.