Delights for every taste.... When you choose a buffet, all guests have the opportunity to eat what they most want, because that's how it is when you can choose for yourself.

The chef has prepared two different options, or you can choose different dishes yourself from the "build your own buffet"

Call and inquire about availability or if you have further questions about the buffets.

Offered on weekdays and Saturdays, for lunch or dinner at the hotel
The minimum number of place settings is 15 for all buffets.

Baked white fish w/ white wine sauce

Served from the buffet:

Long-roasted Hereford w/ béarnaise sauce

Pulled Pork w/ vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes

Fried chicken w/ thyme and red onion, mushroom sauce

Oven-baked vegetables with thyme


Greek salad

Blue Castello w/ cognac marinated prunes

Brie with rosehip compote

Chocolate brownie w/ white chocolate

Lemon slices w/ caramel mousse

Freshly cut fruit on a plate

Freshly baked bread


Price DKK 378 per person

Children under 10 years ½ price
Can be ordered for an event at the hotel
 - for lunch or dinner.
mine. 15 envelopes

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Cold smoked salmon tartar

Served from the buffet:

Red-tongued paupiettes on herbs, to this Sc. Hollandaise

Veal tenderloin, red wine cloud w/ garlic, herbs

Whole-roasted venison fillet with game cloud and cranberries

Caprese salad, mozzarella, tomato, basil

Quinoa salad w/ pomegranate, scallions

Baked potatoes with thyme

Saute seasonal root vegetables

Cheese board, 4 types of cheese, rose hips, biscuits

Pannacotta w/ fruit in season

Chocolate cake with berry mousse

Freshly cut fruit on a plate

Freshly baked bread


Price DKK 478 per person

Children under 10 years ½ price
Can be ordered for an event at the hotel - for lunch or evening.
mine. 15 envelopes

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Clear soup with buns and flutes DKK 82.

Freshly baked buns with 3 types of toppings and 2 types of cheese DKK 92.

Sausage table with various accessories, warm liver pâté and special bread DKK 108.

Italian cheese and sausage platter with side dishes DKK 145.

Sliders with 3 different types of filling DKK 99.

Build your own Hotdog DKK 88.

Egg cake with 6 types of accessories DKK 128.

mine. 15 envelopes

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Choose 3 cold, 2 hot, 1 side dish, 1 potato and 1 dessert 

Cold dishes
Seasonal fish dish
Air-dried ham with pesto and melon
Hot smoked salmon, salad with seasoned greens and artichoke chips
Pasta, flipped with seafood and squid
Salmon roulade in seaweed
Fillet of chicken, served on fennel, spinach

Hot dishes
Lamb shank with parsley and garlic
Baked salmon with spinach and coriander
Pork tenderloin in a dish with root vegetables and greens
Honey-glazed ham with thyme and red onion
Lava stone grilled veal culotte with thyme sauce
Braised veal lump with thyme, served on root vegetables
Chicken breast in cream sauce, white wine and mushrooms

Buttered potatoes with fresh parsley
Creamed potatoes with onion and oregano.
Potato Timbale
Oven-baked potatoes with skin, oil and rosemary

Pasta salad with seasonal vegetables.
Seasonal salad
Broccoli salad with feta, pine nuts and nut mix.
Traditional salad bar with 5 types of vegetables and 2 dressings.

3 types of cheese with grapes, chocolate and bread.
Cookie cake with caramelized chocolate and cherries
Nut brownie with salted caramel and chocolate ganache
Homemade ice cream cake w/
nuts, daim, chocolate and raspberry puree.

"Arrangement of the hotel " 
per envelope DKK 368

"Out of the house"
per envelope DKK 325

Extra cold-hot dish or dessert: DKK 45 per envelope 
Extra side dish or potato dish: DKK 35 per envelope

mine. 15 envelopes

PDF for printing

2 kinds of herring with curry salad

Prawns with lemon, mayonnaise and egg

Warm plaice fillet with remoulade
Chicken salad with pineapple and tomato

Warm liver pate with bacon and mushrooms

Tartelets with chicken and asparagus

Warm rib roast with red cabbage and cucumber salad

Small meatballs with potato salad

Sirloin steak with mushrooms a la crème

Mazarin cake with orange

Fruit preparation

Gl. day apple pie

Bread and butter


Can be ordered for an event at the hotel - for lunch
Price DKK 285 per person

Children under 10 years ½ price
mine. 15 envelopes

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